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    Welcome to Class Three

    Year 3 and 4: Mrs Wyatt

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    Class 3 Autumn 1 Curriculum Map 2023

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    Weekly Update: W/B 17.7.23

    And...That's it! We've made it! The end of the school year has arrived. 

    We have had some wonderful times learning together and the children have all progressed extremely well throughout the year. It was our chance to say a final 'goodbye' to Mrs Mills and Mrs Toone today. We wish them the best of luck on their new adventures.

    It is sad to see the Year 4's leaving Class 3, I will miss them dearly. I have thoroughly enjoyed teaching them and I know they are going to smash their way into Year 5 with Mr Wilmot. We are all looking forward to next term when we get our new Year 3's and 4's and work as a team to Reach Up and Reach Out!

    Have the most wonderful summer,

    Mrs Wyatt.

     Weekly Update: W/B 10.7.23

    Sports week has been a great success! We have enjoyed archery, dance and cricket this week along with running our mile and doing lots of different races in our sports day events.

    In between events, we have been busy finishing our sewing in juggling balls and evaluating the finished article. These will be ready to take home next week. Please remember to bring in a bag to take home all our brilliant work home for the summer.

    Enjoy the weekend (one more week!)

    Mrs Wyatt


    Weekly Update: W/B 3.7.23

    What a busy week! It was lovely to have the moving up day in our new classes, preparing us for the new term. We have a lot of fun playing math games and making a new display all about ourselves.

    We have been creating leaflets in English and plotting coordinates in maths. Our science work his week was all about teeth and the importance of dental hygiene. 

    Have a good weekend,

    Mrs Wyatt


    Weekly Update: W/B 19.6.23

    We had a little visitor to the classroom this week during our geography lesson. My little parrot , Ernie, came to see the children as we discussed what animals we would find in the emergent, canopy, understorey or forest floor layers of the rainforest. We all decided Ernie would like the emergent layer best!

    We have had a lovely session of design technology, weaving wool through netting and honing in on the skills we will need when sewing together our juggling balls. Please remember to bring in those odd socks for us to make them with (clean please!)

    Have a great weekend,

    Mrs Wyatt

    Weekly Update: W/B 12/6/23

    Our favourite lesson has been science this week, as we have learnt about the bones in the human body, drawing around our friend to make a life size skeleton for the board. We have been learning about using money and the importance of the decimal point when writing amounts.

    Also, we have been designing our own juggling balls for children around a circus theme in Design Technology. In Geography, we have been weather presenters, using correct vocabulary for weather and climate in rainforest areas.

    Have a lovely weekend

    Mrs Wyatt


    Weekly Update: W/B 5.6.23

    The weather has been kind to us this week and so our PE lessons have been productive, focusing on our athletics and tennis. It has also meant our daily mile and play times have been on the field.

    We have discussed the rainforest topic we have started in Geography and had lots of thoughts about what it would be like to live in the rainforest. We have also started our new science topic on animals including humans.

    Have a good weekend,

    Mrs Wyatt


    Weekly Update: W/B 22.5.23

    We have completed some assessments in reading and arithmetic this week, so many of the children have moved up a reading band. I am extremely proud of their progress. The Children have discussed their favourite authors and explored some of the new books that have been arriving in the book corner. 

    During our RE lesson, we explored the Lords Prayer, searching for words that suggest what the kingdom of God is like. We have also written our own prayers this week, so look out for them in the weekly newsletter.

    Have a good weekend,

    Mrs Wyatt


    Weekly Update: WB: 15.5.23

    We have had lots of visitors this week, looking at our wonderful school and what a great atmosphere we learn in. We have continued our leaning, writing a whole adventure story. In maths, we have explored properties of shape.

    In our science lesson this week, we have learned about the water transport systemin plants, planting our own vegetable, deciding which part of the plant the vegetable will come from. We have finished out Art project, painting coronation artefacts created from paper mache.

    Have a lovely weekend,

    Mrs Wyatt

    Weekly Update: 12.5.23

    Another four day week for us, but we've crammed in a lot of leaning. In maths, we have been measuring accurately the perimeter of rectilinear shapes. In English, we have been planning our own adventure stories based on 'Journey' by Aaron Becker. We have studied the time line of the Stone Age through to Bronze age, looking at the changes in technology and the consequences of using a new material. 

    The weather stayed fine in order for us to have a good game of rounders and explore our fielding skills in cricket.

    Lets hope for a dry weekend!

    Mrs Wyatt

    Weekly Update: W/B 2.5.23

    It's Coronation Day! Weather and technology were not on our side, but we still sang our hearts out and enjoyed a lovely picnic with our families and friends. 

    We have got messy making our paper mache coronation artefacts, layering newspaper and foil to create shape and form. In English, we have perfected writing paragraphs ready for writing adventure stories.

    Have a lovely Bank Holiday weekend,

    Mrs Wyatt

    Weekly Update: W/B 24.4.23

    We have had an active week with two lessons in Cricket, one session with Tom and the other from our local Cricket club. It is great to be outside on the grass and enjoying a bit of sunshine.  

    We have identified parts of a plant and their functions in science, drawing and labelling with the correct, scientific vocabulary. In history we have learnt about the different stages of prehistoric Britain and what artefacts can tell us about how people survived.

    Enjoy the Bank Holiday break,

    Mrs Wyatt

    Weekly Update: W/B 17.4.23

    We have had a good week back in routine, looking at our new units in each lesson.  We have started a picture book in English, which is a new approach than we we are used to. We have had some fantastic vocabulary from observing the images and predicting what the character would do next. 

    The children are excited to be learning about plants in science and creating Royal Coronation artefacts out of paper mache in art. We will be getting messy!

    Have a lovely weekend,


    Mrs Wyatt

    Weekly Update: 27.3.23

    We've baked, we've crafted and sung our hearts out this week! 

    During our maths, we have read statistics and made bar charts around our favourite Easter treats.  In English, we have created our own poems  with (very funny) rhyming couplets.

    The children did a brilliant job in our Easter service; the solo's were fantastic.

    I hope you have a wonderful Easter break,

    Mrs Wyatt

    Weekly Update: W/B 24.3.23

    The books have gone! Our competition entries are now in the hands of Bookfest and we will know the names of any winners in May. 

    We have had a lot of fun making kites and flying them outside to test if they work. It has all been independent work so every one is different. The children have tested and adapted their designs. They all look fantastic!

    Have a great weekend,

    Mrs Wyatt

    Weekly Update: W/B 10.3.23

    This week, Class 3 have worked on their fractions knowledge, adding and subtracting fractions with the same denominator. In English, the class have looked at the correct use of an exclamation mark and used them in their writing.

    We have all come dressed in clothes that make us happy for Red Nose Day and brought money to buy a cake at break time, The atmosphere has been wonderful as we have talked about REACHing out to others and spreading the joy.

    Have a good weekend,

    Mrs Wyatt .

     Weekly Update: W/B 3.3.23

    We have finished our stories! Class 3 have worked amazingly well to get their books written up and illustrated, all ready for collection. Fingers crossed we will have a few winning entries. 

    All week the teamwork and encouragement in every subject has been lovely. Children have listened to each other in discussions for reading, encouraged one another in Boccia games and have worked in pairs to edit work. The whole class worked together in problem solving maths lesson, using guessing and checking techniques.

    In  RE, studying The Last Supper, children have drawn their own depictions of what happened on Maundy Thursday. I am blown away by their profound creativity. 

    Have a great weekend (in the snow?)

    Mrs Wyatt

    Weekly Update: W/B 27.2.23.

    We have a had a good start to the new half term. The children have got straight back into learning and presenting their work beautifully. We have had a focus on handwriting and pencil grip. I am sure there will be some pen licences soon. We have been finishing off our stories for the competition. The front covers and  illustrations have been great.

    In maths, the children have been learning how to count , add and subtract money. If you are out in the shops over the weekend encourage your child to work out how much change you will receive!

    Have a lovely weekend,

    Mrs Wyatt. 



    Weekly Update: W/B 13.2.23

    It has been a busy week for us in Class 3. We have started to write up our stories for the Bookfest competition. Although we have been working hard, we have had lots of fun.

    The book fair has been in the hall for a couple of days and we have enjoyed looking at new books. The children were eager to show you all their hard work at parents evening. We are now ready for our hard earned rest over half term.

    We've said goodbye to Mrs. Foster today. We wish her the best of luck.

    Enjoy the break,

    Mrs Wyatt (and the children!)


    Weekly Update: W/B 6.2.23

    This week, Class 3 have finished their assessments and started writing a story for the competition. There has been lots of different ideas that have made Mrs Wyatt laugh and feel a bit scared in places!  In art, the children have tried both additive and subtractive mono-printing techniques of their Egyptian designs. 

    We have been learning about 'connections' to our our feelings and to each other in Mental Health Week, but this has ended well with some certificates in Times Tables test and a Pen Licence! 

    Mrs Wyatt


    Weekly Update: W/B 30.1.23

    We were privileged to host the famous author, Josh Lacey, on Monday. Josh talked to us about his series "The Dragonsitter" that we have been reading in class. He answered our questions and showed us how to create characters for our own story.

    Our science this week was to compare the melting points of different types of chocolate (we managed not to eat any!) We used the thermometer to measure in degrees celcius. 

    We ended the week with another marvelous talent show, where members of our class did us proud showing off their skipping, dancing, singing, jokes and magic. Well done!

    Have a good weekend all,

    Mrs Wyatt

    Weekly Update: W/B 27.1.23

    We are all exhausted but inspired from a fun afternoon mono-printing. The children used two additive techniques to mark their Egyptian design into the paint and press paper onto their work.

    Earlier this week we were historians investigating how to Ancient Egyptians mummified royalty. Another messy afternoon using food items as organs and wrapping dolls in bandages!

    The class deserve a good rest this weekend before coming back refreshed and ready for more fun learning next week.

    Mrs Wyatt


    Weekly Update: W/B 16.1.23

    What a hard working bunch we've been! The class have learned how to solve three and four digit subtractions using the column method. It has been a challenge for some of us but we have encouraged one another and finally cracked it! 

    In English, we have finished reading  The Stone Age Boy, writing our recount as a conversation with dad. This has been good for our writing stamina. We have had two girls gain their Pen Licence because they have shown their beautiful handwriting. I have been very impressed.

    Have a lovely weekend. 

    Mrs Wyatt

    Weekly Update: W/B 9.1.23


    What an exciting week we have had! On Tuesday we were visited by Rachel, a firefighter from Shropshire Fire Service, who  talked to us about the importance of staying safe when we discover a fire in the home. She demonstrated how quickly she has to 'gear up!' when her alarm goes off ready to jump in the fire engine.

    On Thursday we had a visitor from Bookfest, to launch the Writers to Readers competition. We are buzzing with ideas ready for our stories.

    We have had many certificates to end our week an a high. Well done Class 3-keep it up!

    Mrs Wyatt





    Weekly Update: W/B 5.1.23

    Happy New Year!

    We've had a good start to the new year briefly looking at our new subject units. We have chanted our numbers into the negative numbers and secured our knowledge of rounding.

    In our English unit, we are reading The Stone Age boy and have come up with some predictions. Today we enjoyed creating mimes of how our two main characters met.

    Just to confirm, our PE lessons are both on a Wednesday. Sorry for any confusion.

    Have a good weekend,

    Mrs Wyatt

    Weekly Update W/B 12.12.22

    We have had a lovely end to the term this week. The children repeated their Christmas performance on Monday. We had a busy day on Wednesday when we travelled to the pantomime in the morning and had our class party in the afternoon.

    I was very pleased with the children's efforts in the carol service on Thursday morning. We have had some lovely feedback about how good it was.

    The children have worked very hard this term. I hope they have a nice rest over the Christmas break.

    Have a very Merry Christmas!

    Mrs Wyatt.

    Weekly Update: W/B: 5.12.22

    Wow! this week has flown. We have had a cross-curricular English and Technology session, following our own written instructions to make bread. We then used verbal instructions to support each other in making Christmas decorations.

    Our Christmas performance was on Thursday night. The children were absolutely fantastic! We definitely have some talented dancers, singers, musicians and performers in our class.

    Today was our last swimming session. I have been extremely pleased with the children's progress.

    We've been busy but brilliant! Rest up this weekend ready for another Christmas performance on Monday!

    Mrs Wyatt

    Weekly Update: W/B: 28.11.22

    It has been assessment week this week and so we have been very busy showing off our maths and English skills. In science, we investigated which material would be the best to make curtains.

    We have ended the week with preparations for the Christmas play. All the children have worked very hard to remember their lines and dance moves. Just you wait and see!

    Have a great weekend.

    Mrs Wyatt

    Weekly Update: W/B 21.11.22

    What a wonderful week we have had! We have enjoyed visiting RAF Cosford on Monday, where we engaged in a World War 2 workshop and made some rockets launch so high, some hit the ceiling! 

    We have finished writing fantasy stories and have been using practical resources to explain our fractions knowledge. In science, we experimented with torches and mirrors to make light go around a corner.

    We have finished the week off with some of our children completing their times tables final certificates. Well done Children!

    Have a great weekend,

    Mrs Wyatt

    Weekly Update: W/B 14.11.22.

    We have enjoyed Friendship Week at school this week, learning what it is to be a good friend. We wore our odds socks as a symbol of individuality as we discussed our unique qualities. This has helped us to encourage each other when learning how to tell the time and be creative in our fantasy story planning.

    We ended our week with wearing our pyjamas for Children In Need to the swimming baths for our first, proper lesson. I was very impressed with all the children as they behaved impeccably and tried very hard. I look forward to watching them progress.

    Tonight is our Movie night at school. I hope the children enjoy their evening.

    Have a lovely weekend,

    Mrs Wyatt

     Weekly Update: W/B:11.11.22

    An eventful end to the week for Class 3! Unfortunately, we didn't get in the water for our swimming lesson, but we went on the coach to meet the swimming instructors and familiarise ourselves with the environment. We have had a rushed day so on Monday I will set the homework, due back on the next Monday. This will continue for this term as swimming is occupying our Friday mornings.

    On a positive note, we have been very focused in our  lessons, where we have been writing a setting description using similes and subordinate clauses. In maths we have got to grips with measurement, converting and comparing units. 

    I'm pleased with the class' resilience and enthusiasm. Well done class, keep it up!

    Mrs Wyatt.

    Weekly Update: W/B: 31.10. 22

    Welcome to the Class 3 news page.

    This week, Class 3 have been identifying the properties of 3D shapes by creating them with marshmallows and cocktail sticks. We have enjoyed reading our new class book "Winter's Child", making predictions about the characters and plot. We've started two new learning topics, light in science and water in geography. 

    Lots of certificates were given out this week, including times tables and pen licences. I'm very proud of all of them and this ends our week on a high.

    The Autumn Disco is tonight, so I hope the children have a lovely time.

    Have a lovely weekend,

    Mrs Wyatt