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    Year 1 and 2: Miss Evans and Mrs Yale

    Class 2 Spring 1 Curriculum map 2023

    Class 2 Autumn 1 Curriculum maps 2022

    Class 2 Autumn 2 Curriculum map 2022

    Class 2 Spring 2 Curriculum map

    Class 2 Summer 1 Curriculum map 2023

    Class 2 Summer 2 Curriculum map 2023



    Class 2 Autumn 1 Curriculum map 2023

    Class 2 Autumn 2 Curriculum map 2023

    Weekly Updates


    Welcome to Class 2!

    Your teachers are:

    Mrs Yale (Mon)

    Miss Evans (Tues- Fri)


    We are really excited for the year ahead and hope you are too!


    In class 2, we encourage your child to read at home at least 4 times per week.

    A new phonic book will go home every Friday where the current one is collected in and exchanged for a new one.

    Please make sure your child brings in their reading folder (consisting of their reading book and diary) everyday as they will be reading with adults in school throughout the week.


    Class 2 will have PE on a Tuesday and Friday this year.

    Please ensure your child comes to school wearing PE kits on these days.


    We are always happy to help so please don’t hesitate to come and speak to us if you have any questions throughout the year. 


    Miss Evans and Mrs Yale  

    Week beginning 17.7.23

    School’s out for summer!!!!

    May we take this opportunity to thank you all for the kind gifts that you have given us this week- the words in the cards have been really heart-warming and we really do appreciate all of your support this year. The children have been an absolute pleasure to teach! We really will miss those moving up to Class 3 next year but know they will continue to thrive.

    Wishing you all a summer of fun, sunshine (fingers crossed!) and lots of quality time with family and friends.

    See you in September,

    Miss Evans and Mrs Yale

    Week beginning 10.7.23

     The children have taken part in many sporting events this week such as a mini- Olympics ran by our older children, dance and running the last mile of the half marathon.

    If you were able to attend, we hope you enjoyed watching the children take part in a range of different races for sports day. It is always a lovely event that the children thoroughly enjoy. They always impress us with their encouraging cheers and great sportsmanship.

    We finished the week with the ‘Jelly baby challenge’. The children were each given a jelly baby that they had to care for throughout the day. They had to give it a name, make it a bed and make decisions throughout the day, like whether to take it outside with them at breaktime or not. It was so much fun!! Most of the children decided to bring their jelly baby home rather than to eat it. 

    We are in the process of sorting our class books out so the children will be coming home with their personal books in the coming days- enjoy looking through the fabulous work they have done this year, they have worked so hard. 

    Next week is our last week before the holidays- how quickly has that come around!

    Miss Evans and Mrs Yale

    Week beginning 3.7.23

    This week we had ‘move up’ day. The children had a wonderful day meeting their new classes and spending the day as ‘Year 2’s’ and ‘Year 3’s’. I’m sure they came home telling you all about it!

    We have explored our feelings this week, discussing our current worries through reading the story, ‘Ruby’s worry’, taking part in a circle time and by creating a class ‘worry jar’.

    For design technology this half term, we are designing and making our own money pouches. We have designed them and are now in the process of making them by sewing the parts together. Once we have finished them we will evaluate them.

    Next week is sports week. The children can come into school wearing their PE each day.

    Have a lovely weekend,

    Miss Evans and Mrs Yale

    Week beginning 26.6.23

    This week we have been exploring ways in which our bodies change as we grow older. Year 1 children discussed things that they couldn’t do when they were babies and compared them to what they can do now. The Year 2 children learnt the scientific names for some body parts and developed an understanding of why it is important to keep some body parts private.

    We also had our trip to Hoo Zoo! What a fantastic day it was! We saw the deer, pigs and sheep, walked through the wallaby walk and explored the dinosaur world. The children were a pleasure to take, a real credit to the school. I heard one child say, ‘This is the best day ever!’

    Mrs Jackson, our new headteacher, visited us in school this week. She came into Class 2 to introduce herself. The children were excited to meet her and are looking forward to her starting in September.

    Next week, on Tuesday, we will be having a whole school move up day where the children will spend the day with their new classes.

    I have sent home your child’s house name and colour in preparation for sports day. Please let me know if you don’t have this/ know what colour t-shirt they need to wear.


    Miss Evans and Mrs Yale

    Hoo Zoo


    Week beginning 19.6.23

    The children have been enjoying learning about cyber safety in PSHE this week. We looked at ways in which we can keep ourselves safe online.

    In our RE lessons, we have been exploring special places, including those of worship and discussed what makes them special to us.

    As part of our school ‘half marathon’, where we will complete the final mile during sports week, we have been busy running on a daily basis to clock up our miles!

    We met Vicar Edith this week. She will be coming into school from July until September to lead worship whilst Vicar Paul is on sabbatical. We are really excited to find out more about her.

    We have also started to talk about transition this week, where the children took part in a circle time to discuss their feelings about the changes coming up. They made some lovely mini year books about their memories from this year.

    See you next week,

    Miss Evans and Mrs Yale

    Week beginning 12.6.23

    It has been a hot one this week! The children have coped so well in the heat and have continued to work really hard.

    This week we have written character descriptions of the wolf from ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ as well as a set of instructions on how to make The Three Bears porridge.

    In maths, we have been focusing on revising our multiplication and division facts of the 2’s, 5’s and 10’s times tables. 

    In science, we have been learning about living things and their habitats by identifying different habitats and what identifying which animals might live there. We have then talked about how and why, animals are suited to their habitat. 

    The children have offered some wonderful ideas during PSHE over the last couple of weeks whilst we have been learning about ways to protect our planet. They discussed the importance of slowing down global warming as well as the dangers of pollution. 

    We are so impressed with our Year 1 children for completing their phonic screening check this week. They have amazed us with their fantastic reading and growing phonic knowledge… well done children!

    Have a special weekend,  

    Miss Evans and Mrs Yale

    Week beginning 5.6.23

    What a glorious week of sunshine we had for the half term break! We hope you all had a wonderful week.

    The end of the academic year is fast approaching as we head into our final half term.

    This week, the children have been creating some pieces of independent writing based on the traditional tale, ‘Golilocks and The Three Bears’. 

    In maths, we have had lots of fun exploring position and direction. The children gave their partner instructions using the vocabulary forwards, backwards, left and right to direct them to a given place. Year 2 children also recapped their knowledge of half and quarter turns and clockwise and anticlockwise.

    In History, we began our new topic on ‘Explorers and significant people’.  

    As part of our science unit on ‘Animals and their habitats’, we will be taking the children on a trip to Hoo Farm and Zoo on Thursday 29th June. A Parentmail with all the relevant information should have been sent to you so please check this if you haven’t already done so.

    The year 2 children will no longer have official homework set now that the SAT’s are over but we are still encouraging all the children to read as much as possible at home.

    Thanks for your continued support,

    Miss Evans and Mrs Yale

    Week beginning 22.5.23

     The children have been busy this week, making their clay tiles, which they have now painted. They were all very excited to take them home this evening so that they can share them with you! (Please see photo attached). 

    A huge well done to all our Year 2 children who have worked so hard over the last couple of weeks completing their SAT’s. They have shown so much determination and resilience and have been smiling throughout! We feel incredibly proud of them all and so to celebrate we gave the whole class an ice-pop during Golden Time today.

    During our SIAMs inspection last week, the children were a credit to our school, sharing their work with the inspector and speaking so confidently about their learning in religious education. The children have enjoyed reflecting on the bible story, ‘Jesus calms the storm’ this week as well as writing their own prayers linked to our work on forgiveness, friendship and peace being the good news that Jesus brings to Christians.

    We haven’t set any homework for over the holiday so we hope are able to relax, enjoy the sunshine and spend time with family and friends.

    See you in a week,

    Miss Evans and Mrs Yale

    Clay tiles picture


    Week beginning 15.05.23 


    It has been a busy week in Class 2 this week. On Monday the children continued working on their Digital Painting project in Computing. We recreated a piece of artwork in the style of Piet Mondrian using the most appropriate tools on Paint.

    In Literacy the children have planned and written some wonderful Fantasy stories based on the story ‘Toys in Space.’ We were really pleased to see lots of great descriptive language used.

    In Geography we have been learning about climate zones and looking at the different animals that have adapted to suit their environment. We also created our own journey around the world naming the continents and oceans.

    Well done to all the year 2 children who have completed some of their SATS tests. We are very proud of them!

    Have a lovely weekend!

    Mrs Evans and Mrs Yale


    Week beginning 09.05.23 

    The weather looks like it is improving and we have had a super week.

    We have been revising for the forthcoming SATs in year 2 and the children have been enjoying the challenges. In year 1 we have been practising our sentence writing and number sense. 

    Yesterday, in RE we debated what we thought was the most important; friendship, peace or forgiveness. The children shared some really deep thinking and wonderful responses. 

    Have a smashing weekend, 

    Miss Evans and Mrs Yale 

    Week beginning 01.5.23

    What a memorable week!

    With the upcoming coronation of King Charles III this weekend, we held a special worship on Thursday where the children found out more about our new King and looked at what is involved in a coronation.

    Our coronation day today to celebrate this historic event has been absolutely fantastic!

    We made bunting, created pictures of King Charles III, discussed what it would be like to be a king and sang songs of celebration. It was wonderful to see the whole school community together during the afternoon for our coronation picnic, despite the unpredictable weather!

    Enjoy a weekend, full of celebrations,

    Miss Evans and Mrs Yale


    Week beginning 24.4.23

    The children have been enjoying our work on data handling in maths this week, collecting data through tally charts and constructing and interpreting graphs and diagrams.

    This week in Computing we explored the different free hand tools in the Paint programme to create a picture. We experimented with the paintbrush, pencil, eraser and fill tool. We then talked about the most appropriate tool to use for each part of the picture.

    In Geography we have been learning about our ‘Wonderful World’ we have been exploring the five Oceans of the world as well as singing about the 7 continents. I wonder if the children can remember them? 

    We had a special visitor in Class two this afternoon; Mrs Foster. The children enjoyed sharing their recent work with her. 

    Enjoy the long weekend,

    Miss Evans and Mrs Yale

    Week beginning 17.4.23

    We hope you all had a wonderful Easter break.

    We are now entering the final term of the academic year. This term is always a busy but exciting one, with SATS, Phonic Screening tests, Sports day, Reports, Move up days...

    This week we have begun our revision for the Year 2 SATS which will take throughout the weeks of 15th May and 22nd May.

    We have also started our new geography unit, ‘What a wonderful world’ as well as our new science unit on, 'Plants' which the children are very excited about. 

    Our new class book is called, 'Toys in Space'. The children have been very imaginative this week, predicting what they think will happen and describing the toys from the picture on the cover page. 

    Homework has gone out today for Year 2 children and reading books have been changed for all. 

    Wishing you all a lovely weekend,

    Kind regards,

    Miss Evans and Mrs Yale

    Week beginning 27.3.23

    We have come to the end of another term! We can’t quite believe how quickly time is passing. The children have worked really hard this term and we are really proud of their positive attitudes and the effort they are putting into their work.

    The children have been busy this week making Easter nest cakes and baskets to hold them in as well as Easter cards to share at home. 

    Could we please ask that you help us by reminding your child to bring their reading book and diary into school every day so that we can monitor their reading and record when they have read in a group. We will continue to also remind and support children to bring their books home each evening.

    There won’t be any homework set as such over the holiday but please encourage your child to read as much as possible and to practise their numberbonds and times tables through songs and games.

    Wishing you a wonderful Easter and thank you for your continued support.

    Miss Evans and Mrs Yale

    Week beginning 20.3.23

    This week has been assessment week in Class 2. The children have really impressed us with their resilience and effort in the tests we have completed.

    On Wednesday, we had an exciting afternoon celebrating our vision of ‘REACH UP, REACH OUT!’. We began by writing prayers, then went on a sign hunt around school to locate our new signs before finishing with a special worship. The children had a great time.

    Have a super weekend! 

    Miss Evans and Mrs Yale

    Week beginning 13.3.23

    This week in English we have been writing missing posters for Teddy, a character from our focus text. The children have been trying incredibly hard with their handwriting and presentation, showing a lot of pride in their work which is wonderful to see.

    In maths we have been exploring multiplication. The children have learned about multiplication being the same as repeated addition and how arrays can help us to multiply. The year 2 children tackled some test-based problems to apply their knowledge and become more familiar with the types of questions that they might find on the upcoming SAT’s papers.

    In design technology, Class 2 have been busy making their vehicles out of recyclable materials. They carefully attached the wheels and axels by following their design to create their product.

    It was great to see some parents at the SAT open afternoon yesterday. If you weren’t able to attend, please feel free to see one of us for a hand out.

    Today we joined in with Red Nose Day supporting the charity, Comic Relief by dressing in clothes that make us happy. Each child in Class 2 stood up and explained the reasons behind their outfits with their peers. It was a very ‘happy’ day!

    Miss Evans and Mrs Yale

    Week beginning 06.3.23

     We have been celebrating science week in school this week. The children were so excited to carry out an investigation to find out how materials change when they are heated. They made predictions, made observations and recorded results. They were also fascinated by taking part in a range of different experiments which I am sure you will have heard lots about and hopefully they can share some of these with you at home.

    In English we have started reading a new text called, ‘The Curious Case of The Missing mammoth’. We have been impressed with the range of vocabulary we have seen in their writing as well as their ideas shared in class discussions.

    During our maths work, we have focused on using efficient strategies to solve addition and subtraction problems.

    Although the snow often brings some kind of disruption, it also brings happiness, excitement and beautiful scenery. It was definitely warmly welcomed by the children and was wonderful to see their faces light up when it began falling.

    Wishing you all a fantastic weekend,

    Miss Evans and Mrs Yale

    Week beginning 27.2.23

    Welcome back after the half term holiday.

    We have had a wonderful week in Class 2 this week. The children came back after the holiday feeling refreshed and as always eager to learn. We have been encouraging the children to use the correct pencil grip when writing and we will be learning a new phrase next week to help us to remember how to do this: 'Nip, Flip, Grip'. 

    We began our new history unit of, Travel and transport on Monday with Mrs Yale. The children are excited to be designing and making their own vehicles in design technology this half term.

    Today we celebrated World Book Day. The children absolutely loved dressing in their pyjamas, sharing stories with their peers and taking part in the book swap. It was brilliant to see so many parents/ grandparents in school today to support us with this special day. Reading, as we know, is so important and the children in Class 2 are really developing a love for reading. 

    Have a great weekend,

    Miss Evans and Mrs Yale

    Week beginning 13.2.23

    What an enjoyable last week of the half term we have had in Class 2.

    We started the week off with a visit from Mrs Yale, our new teacher for a Monday after the half term holiday. She enjoyed meeting Class 2 and finding out more about us all.

    Please note that PE will be on a Tuesday (instead of a Monday) and a Friday after half term.  

    The children enjoyed writing character descriptions and learning an action song which they shared in the special assembly we held today to wish farewell to Mrs Foster.

    Mrs Foster will be very much missed at Hadnall School. She has been a wonderful teacher, Teaching assistant, Learning mentor and colleague and we would like to wish her all the best in her new job.

    I hope you all have a fantastic half term break- hopefully the beautiful sunshine that we have seen this week will continue.

    See you all in a week.

    Miss Evans

    Week beginning 6.2.23

    It has been assessment week in Class 2 this week.

    The children have been busy completing a range of tests for which they have shown great resilience and determination.

    We have also celebrated Mental Health Week through our Worship’s and afternoon work. We have discussed the importance of keeping our minds as healthy as we keep our bodies and ways that we can do this. The children shared some really thoughtful ideas and we were really proud of the maturity they showed towards this subject.

    We hope the children enjoyed the school disco- it was wonderful to see them having a great time with their friends outside of the normal curriculum and school day.

    Next week is our last week before the half term holiday. On Monday the children will meet their new teacher, Mrs Yale, who will be teaching in Class 2 on a Monday after the half term holiday. Miss Evans will be teaching from Tuesday through to Friday. We will be really sad to see Mrs Foster go but know she will be back to visit us regularly. 

    Miss Evans and Mrs Foster

    Week beginning 30.1.23

    Hasn’t this week flown by again?!

    Class 2 have been busy writing their own adventure stories based on our English Text, 'The Lion Inside'. They wrote with such creativity and enjoyed sharing their stories with their peers. 

    We ended the week by joining in with some number fun activities during our maths lesson today. This was part of the NSPCC Number Day which many schools have taken part in to raise awareness of the charity. 

    I’m sure you’ll agree that the children who took part in the talent show this afternoon, were absolutely fantastic putting on a brilliant show and showing great confidence. Well done all. 

    See you all next week,

    Miss Evans and Mrs Foster



    Week beginning 23.1.23

    This week we held a special day in school to celebrate our topic of, ‘Australia’.

    The children started the day by being given their own passport and making their way through the airport and onto the plane. They then flew virtually to the country of Australia where they took part in many activities throughout the day. They made didgeridoos, decorating them using aboriginal symbols, baked boomerang pastries, created landmarks using a range of different resources such as wooden blocks and Lego and found out more interesting facts about the country. They really did get a taste of Australia and it was such a fun day!   

    It’s amazing to see so may children so engaged with their reading and writing at the moment. They really are enjoying our class text, ‘The Lion inside’. They are all trying really hard with their handwriting and presentation and demonstrating such positive attitudes towards learning.

    Keep up the great work children!

    Enjoy the weekend,

    Miss Evans and Mrs Foster

    Week beginning 16.1.23

    The children in Class 2 have been very excited about the snow this week! We went outside on the grass to listen to the sound that it makes beneath our feet and discussed how it changes state from a solid to a liquid when melting which links into our science work on changing materials.

    The children have also been very interested and intrigued by our new moss ball pets that we have in class. They have been having discussions with their peers, making observations and taking responsibility for them by changing their water regularly.

    We are really enjoying learning our times tables in Class 2 through songs, games and mini tests.

    In PE, we have been taking part in gymnastics where we are enjoying putting routines together using new taught skills.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

    Miss Evans and Mrs Foster


    Week beginning 9.1.23

    This week in English, the children have enjoyed exploring our new text, ‘The Lion Inside’. We have been writing setting descriptions and exploring exciting word choices. In maths, we have been learning about measurement, focusing on mass and temperature.

    During our Class Worship we talked about our new value aspiration and shared our own goals, dreams and hopes for the future.

    Next week as part of our new topic work on Australia we will be celebrating ‘Australia Day’ with a day full of exciting activities along with wearing the colours of the flag- red, white and blue.

    Well done to all the Year 2 children who have completed their first week of maths homework. This will change to reading next week. Homework is given out on a Friday and expected to be handed back in by the following Friday.

    Thank you for your continued support,

    Miss Evans and Mrs Foster

    Week beginning 1.1.23

    Happy New Year to you all.

    Back to school this week after the Christmas holidays and it’s been wonderful to see the children returning with such enthusiasm and excitement about the term ahead.

    Homework for this half term will stay the same for year 1 children (reading of their phonic/ sharing book 4x weekly). Year 2 will begin the SAT preparation books (Reading and Maths) which will help to improve the ability to apply their skills to test based questions allowing them to become more familiar with the layout. We will alternative the books weekly and will ask the children to complete a couple of pages per week. They can be supported to do this.

    We want to take this opportunity to also thank you for all the very kind and generous gifts we received at Christmas.

    Miss Evans and Mrs Foster

    Week beginning 12.12.22

    The last update of the year!

    What a fantastic week we've had attending the Pantomime and having a Christmas party. 

    We want to thank you for your continued support and are looking forward to welcoming your children back to school in January.  

    please take a look at the overview for what we will be covering next half term. 

    In the meantime, we wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

    Miss Evans and Mrs Foster

    Week beginning 5.12.22.

     Wow…what an exciting week we've had in Class 2!

    We had a surprise visit from Santa on Wednesday! He flew over the school in his helicopter and landed on our school field! The children (and the staff!) were all fascinated! It was a wonderful way to begin our Christmas festivities with Christmas dinner and our school performances also taking place this week.

    What a fantastic performance the children put on, on Thursday evening. They have absolutely blown us away with their confidence in performing in front of an audience again along with their wonderful singing. Well done children- you should all feel very proud of yourselves.

    We are looking forward to our second performance on Monday morning.

    Miss Evans and Mrs Foster

    Week beginning 28.11.22

    Well, December has soon crept up on us!...

    This week it has been assessment week in Class 2. The children have enjoyed completing tests and challenges in many areas of the curriculum including reading, spelling and maths.  

    On Thursday we walked down to the village hall for our dress rehearsal- the children looked fabulous in their costumes and got used to performing in front of an audience by sharing their play with the older children.

    In design technology the children have been learning about moving parts such as sliders and levers.  This week they have all designed their own Christmas card to include one or both of these things and they are excited to make it over the next couple of weeks.

    Enjoy the weekend,

    We have also Miss Evans and Mrs Foster

    Week beginning 21.11.22

    Another busy week of nativity rehearsals and prop making ready for our performance in just over a week’s time! Please help your child to learn their lines if they have a speaking part- they are going to put on a fabulous show!

    We have been exploring poetry this week. One of the poems we have really enjoyed learning has been, ‘Ten things found in a shipwrecked sailor’s pocket’. We used the ideas from this poem to think about what we might find in our own pocket, focusing on descriptive language.

    In maths, we have been exploring the concept of doubling by finding doubles and near doubles. We also worked on developing our problem-solving skills through solving a logic problem.

    We hope you and your child are getting on well with the new phonic books- the children seem very engaged and we are really impressed with the development of fluency.

    Miss Evans and Mrs Foster



    Week beginning 14.11.22

    This week we have started practising our Christmas Nativity. The children are enjoying learning the songs and practising their lines. They will have brought a letter home stating their role in the play and the clothes to wear. It is definitely starting to make us feel very Christmassy!

    It has been friendship week in school this week so we have been discussing ways to be a good friend and how our actions might make others feel. We wore odd socks on Monday to show that everyone is unique which was a great starting point.

    We’ve ended the week by coming into school in our pyjamas! We did some Pudsey colouring, had a Pudsey story and did a Jim Jam Jog around the playground. We had lots of fun raising money for BBC Children in Need.

    Wishing you all an enjoyable weekend,

     Miss Evans and Mrs Foster

    Week beginning 07.11.22

    This week we have been super busy in Class 2.

    We are very much enjoying our English work and are very enthused by writing about Nibbles and his adventures.

    In maths we have been learning about measurement and it’s been lovely to see all the children working together to solve practical problems.

    We had Mrs Pickering, a Grandmother of a child in Class 2, who very kindly brought in her old toys so that we could look at and discuss them which linked to our history unit on Toys.

    Please can we remind all parents to ensure that children don’t bring in toys from home going forward as we have had a few getting lost. For show and tell on a Friday, the children can share items linked to our learning such as books, pieces of writing, pictures etc.  

    Have a restful weekend,

    Miss Evans and Mrs Foster

    Weekly Update - W/B 31.10.22

    Class 2 have had a lovely week back in school.

    This week we have enjoyed starting our new topic about the history of toys. We hope to have a visitor come and see us next week to share some toys from the past.

    In English, we began reading the story of, ‘Nibbles, The Book Monster’ which we have found very funny. We are hoping he doesn’t begin nibbling through our class books!! 

    The children have had two reading practise sessions in school this week and are excited to bring their new phonic book home this evening to share with you over the next week. Could we please ask again that these books are well looked after and are returned to school every Friday morning. The children have also chosen a sharing book which you can read together. 

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend,

    Miss Evans and Mrs Foster