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    Sports Validation



    We are delighted to announce that we have been awarded GOLD for the School Games Award in 2016-17.



    SCHOOL GAMES Mark 2015/16




    Hadnall CofE Primary School




    Prepared by the

    Sport Industry Research Centre, Sheffield Hallam University



    27th September 2016


    Mark Validation: Summary of visit


    School Name:

    Hadnall CofE Primary School

    Type of School:

    Primary school with a KS2 of up to 50 students



    Date of visit:

    26th September 2016



    The Sport Industry Research Centre at Sheffield Hallam University has been contracted by Sport England to conduct an independent validation on 325 schools covering 225 SGO areas for the 2015/16 period. As part of our validation visits we have been asked to make recommendations regarding improving the Mark criteria for future years and therefore the criteria for this year is again subject to changes based on the feedback we receive and the validations completed. Hadnall CofE Primary School provided evidence of meeting or exceeding the required criteria in order to achieve the Silver School Games Mark. The key School Games Mark criteria relating to the Silver award are highlighted below and a green /red score has been made in relation to the evidence seen or discussed with the validation team.

    Schools Games Mark Criteria


    Scoring Key



    Clear evidence provided

    Little, no or incorrect evidence

    Summary of evidence from validation visit





    1. A system in place to track young people's participation in the School Games.




    2. Opportunities which attract less active young people to participate in physical activity.




    3. Held a School Games Day as the culmination of a year-round competition programme and registered the day on your School Games dashboard.




    4. A calendar of competition which demonstrates opportunities for young people with SEND.




    5. A notice board promoting School Games activity.





    6. Provision of two hours PE and school sport to all pupils per week.




    7. Engaging pupils in extracurricular sporting activity every week




    8. Can provide evidence of provision of support for talented young sports people.





    9. Provides approved School Games competition at Level 1




    10. Provides approved School Games competition at Level 2




    11. Provides approved School Games Level two competitions for B teams and C teams for both boys and girls as specified in any one academic year. 




    12. Promote the School Games to parents and the local community as specified.




    13. Results of competitions and match reports are featured on the school website / local press.





    14. Engages students in leading, managing and officiating in School Games activity.




    15. Every young person is provided the opportunity to 'learn to lead' through curriculum PE




    16. Can provide evidence of how students have been engaged in planning and developing School Games activity.




    17. Is utilising sports coaches to support school sport activity.




    18. Can provide evidence of training wider school staff to support school sport activity.





    19. Can evidence active links with a number of local sports club (as specified).









    Hadnall CofE Primary School was awarded the Silver Mark award following the validation, an upgrade on the Bronze originally awarded. Areas of the application highlighted where the school was offering a good sports programme, particularly with only 46 Key Stage 2 students; including the extra-curricular opportunities (at 69%) and the leadership opportunities with year 5 and 6 students involved in the planning and development of School Games through the School Sport Organising Crew.


    There were three areas not in place at the Gold level for 2015-16, although there was evidence of some of the areas taking place in some form, but requiring some formalisation to meet the Gold Mark level. The areas are:


    ·         First was providing or formalising a gifted and talented programme or policy which outlines how the school could provide support for students needing it, should it ever arise.

    ·         The second area was the frequency of promotion of the School Games, with it being half termly (or more frequently when competitions are on) but there needs to be more use of the School Games logo and titling of sports news as School Games. This should be relatively straightforward to rectify for 2016-17.

    ·         The third area was the use of the school website to show match reports etc. which was taking place but was described as 'patchy' at times.   Increased use of the website will also help with the frequency of promotion (above) if the School Games logo can be embedded on the sports page(s). 

    Well done on your award, and good luck planning and delivering 2016-17