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    Welcome to Class 4

    Year 5 and 6: Mr Wilmot

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    A Quick Guide to Class 4


    Welcome back and I do hope you had a relaxing and memorable holiday.  We return for what will be the final year for some children and the penultimate year for others.  The weather is going to be very hot this week so please ensure your child has sunblock, lots of drink and a refillable drinks container.


    Some children return to Class 4 and for some it will be new.  This guide is to remind or inform depending on your child’s experience of Class 4.

    Please see the termly overview for the content we will deliver this half term.


    Reading – we read in school, usually twice weekly in a group reading environment.  It is imperative the children read at home too and I recommend they read at least an hour a week.  They will come home with a Reading Diary – please check it periodically and sign it to confirm the reading your child is doing at home.  We have a good library within class so your child should find a book of interest.  I really want children in Class 4 to read for pleasure and as a result they have quite a choice of books – if a book is too hard please ask your child to swap it for a book that is more accessible.  Your child should bring their reading book and Reading Diary into school each day.

    Spellings – spellings are set weekly and your child will practise them in school.  They will use the ‘Look, Cover, Write, Check’ approach they then write the word in context and define what the word means.  The spellings will come from the statutory spelling list or follow a particular spelling pattern.  Your child will also come home with a practise sheet, please encourage them to practise daily.  The spelling test is usually conducted on a Monday prior to the new spellings going out on the Tuesday.

    Homework - homework is given on a Friday and it will either be English, maths or topic based.  The homework should be handed in during the following week, the deadline for hand in is Thursday.  The Year 6s will get more homework in the Spring term as we approach SATs – it is revision based and has proven to be very helpful to previous children in the class.  If your child struggles with their homework they can ask myself, Miss Shaw or Mrs Blocksidge and we will be happy to help.

    PE – we have PE on a Tuesday and Friday this year.  In early Autumn we are going swimming this will replace the teacher-led PE session and that will be on a Friday and last for most of the first half term.  As per last year, could children come into school in their PE kit on the dates the class do PE.  On occasion, we may need to change the date of PE, if this is the case, I will ensure we send a message out to inform.  No jewellery please and long hair should be tied back.

    Pencil cases – I will supply all the stationary your child needs so they won’t need to bring resources in from home.


    The year will go really quickly; it always does.  If you have any queries, please catch me at the end of the school day or call the office to make an appointment. 


    Thank you


    Mr Wilmot, Miss Shaw and Mrs Blocksidge

    Weekly Update WB 17.07.23

    Well, what a busy and emotional week.  The Y6s have been stars right up until the very end.  They have enjoyed their last experiences and they are all looking forward to moving on.  

    The Leaver's Assembly was superb, the children were fantastic.  They progress to their respective secondaries with a host of happy and fun memories.

    Mrs Mills also leaves and her final assembly was emotional and fitting for someone who has led the school for the last 8 years.  I have enjoyed working with Mrs Mills and am appreciative of the opportunities she has given me.

    Thank you for your support over the last year, I hope you all have a fantastic holiday and I look forward to seeing the new Y6s (current Y5s) and new Y5s (current Y4s) in September.

    Mr WIlmot and Miss Shaw

    Weekly Update WB 10.07.23


    It's the penultimate week of the term and what a busy week it has been.

    It was Sports Week this week and there were many events scheduled.  Sadly the rain stopped play for some but we did manage to get active and out a little more than normal.  The children really enjoyed Sports Day and I was pleased to see the children cheer their team mates on.

    We also had the Drama production of Cinderella - it was a very amusing play with the actors really taking to their roles.  Well done to all involved.

    We saw the Y6 Leaver's Play - it had serious moments whilst reflecting on memories and amusing moments when the children became the adults in the school - what a great mix.  

    The final, more serious and perhaps more emotional, End of Year Assembly will take place in the church next week.  

    The Y6 have Bike Ability on Monday and Tuesday - don't forget your bikes!

    Have a super weekend.

    Mr Wilmot and Miss Shaw



    Weekly Update WB 03.07.23

    It was 'Move Up' day for the Y6 children on Monday and Tuesday and I think, having spoken to them about their days, they enjoyed the experience and it put their minds at rest ready for September.

    The Y5 children met their 'new' class mates too and they had a taste of what the class will be like in September when the Y6 children move on.

    The Y6 children have been working on their End of Year Play - it's all top secret at the moment! They will perform it to the school on Wednesday and to the Y6 parents on Friday afternoon.

    The children completed a little more of the Whipsnade Zoo challenge and in science we learnt about Jane Goodall and her magnificent research of chimpanzees.

    It is Sports Day next Wednesday and the children have selected the races they want to race in.  Fingers crossed for a good day, weather wise.

    Have a super weekend.


    Mr Wilmot and Miss Shaw


    Weekly Update  WB 26.06.23


    I can not believe it is almost July already.  This term is flying by.

    In literacy, we have been studying relative clauses and adverbs for possibility and used these to aid and supplement our writing outputs that relate to 'Radiant Child'.

    In maths, we have almost completed the Whipsnade Zoo Challenge, where we have planned the building of the zoo, worked out running costs, planned adverts and directions for those lucky enough to visit our zoo.  We will research our chosen animals next week and present these to the class.

    We learnt more about how plants and animals reproduce and in geography we looked at different locations.

    It is the fair later this afternoon and the weather is mixed so fingers crossed we are lucky.

    The Year 6 go for their move up days at their respective secondaries on Monday and Tuesday and the Y5 have their move up day with their new class on Tuesday.

    Have a lovely weekend.


    Mr Wilmot and MIss Shaw


    Weekly Update WB 19.06.23


    The highlight of this week was certainly the residential at JCA.  Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the experience.  Everyone challenged themselves and tried something new.  The children's behavior was a credit to parents/carers and the school.  The staff at JCA commented on how polite Hadnall were.  We climbed, arched, canoed, zipwired, balanced on the low ropes, played the laser maze and grid of stones and some even attempted the trapeze... a long climb then a leap of faith.  WHAT AN ADVENTURE!  Many thanks to Mrs Brierley and Miss Shaw for accompanying and supporting the children on the residential.

    We returned exhausted but having had a wonderful time.  On Thursday we created brochures for the current Y3 and 4 children.  The brochure will tell them what to expect when they go in a couple of years.  

    On Friday, we learnt about anxiety and how to handle it and what some people may have to deal with in their life.  We also had a PE session prior to finishing a very active week.

    Have a super weekend.


    Mr Wilmot and Miss Shaw

    Weekly Update WB 12.06.23


    Another glorious week.

    In maths we continued looking at problems involving the functions - multiplication and division this week.

    In literacy we learnt more about our class book and Jean Michel Basquiat.  His life took a dramatic turn in the book this week and we have been discussing how we would have felt in his shoes.

    In Geography we looked at different locations and their physical features and in RE we discussed what suffering feels like - we will learn how religions help us when we suffer and what we can do to help others.

    JCA has crept up all of a sudden.  We are set for some fun-filled days of adventure and memories.  

    Well done to the children that took part in the Swimming Gala - we did really well and the children were a joy to take, as always.

    Have a super weekend.


    Mr Wilmot and Miss Shaw


     Weekly Update WB 05.06.23

    We started our new literacy study and it is based around the artist Jean-Michel Basquiat.  We have looked at his art work and learnt more about the man.  The book we will study 'Radiant Child' is his biography.

    We revised addition and subtraction problem solving in maths,  We will progress to multiplication and division problem solving next week.  We also started our new Badger Reasoning approach.

    In PE we are now learning about athletic activities and we will practice our tennis skills.

    We also started our 'Amazing America' geography unit.

    The weather is set to be really warm for the next fortnight please ensure your child has a hat, that they have applied sun cream and a readily accessible cool drink of water.

    Have a super weekend.

    Mr Wilmot and Miss Shaw

    Weekly Update WB 22.05.23


    It's been a hot week.  I really enjoy the better weather but need to remember to cover up and apply the sun cream.

    The children have worked so very hard over the last half term and I am proud of them all.  I hope we all have a refreshing and relaxing half term. 

    We completed our Theme Park investigation on Friday and the children showed their maths and literacy skills in organising budgets and thinking creatively in terms of what their parks needed to have.  It was easy to spend very large amounts of money!

    In literacy, we studied The Firework Maker's Daughter - we looked at the setting and characters and the main theme of the book.

    In Science, we carried out a group investigation where the children had to separate materials within a sample - all were successful after a little helpful guidance.

    Have a super week and see you for the last part of the school year!


    Mr Wilmot and Miss Shaw


    Weekly Update WB 15.05.23

    We have had a great week!  We are in the middle of a 'Theme Park' Investigation - we will complete it next week.  We have planned the park and worked out the initial cost.  We will work on advertising, running costs and profit next week.

    The Y6 children worked on some of their memories they will share in their final assembly whilst the Y5 completed a couple of assessments.

    We had a super game of cricket on Wednesday and a few games of rounders on Friday. 

    In Science, we carried out a collaborative dissolving investigation and next week the children will work in their groups on a separating materials experiment.

    Have a super weekend.


    Mr Wilmot and Miss Shaw


    Weekly Update WB 09.05.23


    What a week!  It was SATs week and the Y6 children completed a series of tests.  They handled them so well and we were proud of every single one of them.  They approached the tests with a positive attitude and all the work they have completed recently, in school, at home and for homework has really paid off.  The children were so composed, they tried their absolute hardest and were a credit to themselves, the school and their parents.  

    We tried to do activities in the afternoon where the children had chance to relax and be creative. 

    The Y5s have been very supportive of their Y6 peers and they have completed a unit based around an alternative retelling of Hansel and Gretel - they enjoyed it and were able to really reflect on the characters and features of the genre.

    We learnt more about artefacts in history and what they tell us about the Mayans.

    Have a fantastic, restful weekend and please pass on our sincere thanks to your children for the calm way they approached the papers and their fantastic levels of effort.


    Mr Wilmot and MIss Shaw




    Weekly Update WB 01.07.23


    We have had a really good week.  One of the highlights was the Coronation party.  It was lovely to celebrate what is a very historic event.  The children completed a couple of activities related to the Coronation, over the past week and they have gone home with a smart wooden book mark - thanks go to the PTFA.

    The children have been revising units of measure and in English we continued with our class text; we completed activities around the old man (main character).

    In history we learnt about the Mayan number system - it was quite impressive; see if your children can tell you how it works.

    We also enjoyed a cricket PE session.  Please note I plan to carry out PE on Tuesday and Friday next week, as normal.

    It is SAT week starting Tuesday morning - homework for the Y6 children is optional.  I have suggested they look at areas they might not be too confident in but I would rather they have fun and return next week refreshed and ready to give their best.

    Enjoy the weekend and the Coronation of the King.

    Mr Wilmot and Miss Shaw

    Weekly Update WB 23.04.23


    We have had a great week.  One of the highlights was the Cricket Taster session on Wednesday.  The children also enjoyed rounders with the Activsport coach on Fridaty. 

    In maths, we revised formal multiplication, division and decimals.  We will look at measurement and conversions next week and then the children will be ready for the upcoming SATs.

    In English, we continued our book study with the emphasis on the 'toxic pool' within the dump.  We wrote to the council and completed reports as if we had visited the site with recommendations.  We were also introduced to our main character and will continue to learn more about the old man next week.

    We look forward to celebrating the Coronation celebration next Friday and will spend a little time next week talking about our hopes for our new monarch.

    Have a super long weekend.  


    Mr Wilmot and Miss Shaw 


    Weekly Update WB 17.04.23


    We return to school all refreshed after the Easter holiday and the weather, with the exception of Friday, has been brighter.

    We started our new history study - we are learning about 'The Ancient Mayas'.  We started our new PE games (Rounders and Cricket) and we learnt about ensuring we look after our planet in RE.  

    Our new class book is entitled 'The Paperbag Prince'.  It is a great book focusing on the environment and our impact.  On Friday, the children enjoyed 'designing' their Pandora animal.

    In maths we learnt about finding missing lengths and angles and we learnt what a net is and its relationship bewteen 2D and 3D shape.  

    The children have a Tennis coaching session next Wednesday - this session will replace our normal Tuesday lesson.  Please remind your children to come to school in normal school uniform on Tuesday and PE kit on Wednesday.  

    Have a super weekend.


    Mr Wilmot and Miss Shaw

    Weekly Update WB 27.03.23


    The term has now ended and we have spent the week completing our units.  In English, we wrote our Chris Hadfield biographies and in maths we interpreted data in line graphs and pie charts and we learnt how to find the 'mean' average.

    The children had the opportunity to film in ICT and share their clips with the rest of the class and in PE we completed our Bhangra dancing.

    The children have homework to complete over the holiday and I recommend they continue with their reading.

    Have a fantastic break and I look forward to seeing you all refreshed and ready for the final term of this year.

    Thank you to those that could make it to the Easter Service.  


    Mr Wilmot and Miss Shaw


    Weekly Update WB 20.03.23

    We completed our assessments this week - well done to the class for trying their hardest.  The assessments are a little monotonous but they do give me information as to what we may need to cover next and how the children are progressing.  I was impressed with the children's attitude towards the tests and their interest to see how they got on.  I will give your child their score next week.

    We have tried to have a little fun in the afternoons in PE (Boccia variation and Dance) and creating posters in Science.  

    Thank you to the parents that came to our REACH Sign Launch earlier in the week.  The new signs look great and are a reminder as to what we feel is important within our school.

    Have a super weekend.


    Mr Wilmot and Miss Shaw 

    Weekly Update W/B 13.03.23

    We have had another busy week.  Thank you to the parents who came to the SAT meeting and apologies for having to postpone it on the day of the snow.  I appreciate it is hard to rearrange leave or cover at work etc.  I will send a flier home with the children in Y6 informing of the dates of the SATs and what they entail.

    In maths, we looked at ratio.  In English we studied more about Neil Armstrong and the moon landing. In RE, we learnt about the Last Supper and what Holy Communion means.  In PE, the children practiced their dance and we played a variation of Boccia.

    On Friday we enjoyed celebrating Red Nose Day - it was a day of well-being activities and a day where we could relax a little.

    Have a super weekend.

    Mr Wilmot and Miss Shaw



    Weekly Update W/B 06.03.23

    The snow was one of the week's highlights - it was great to see and I hope the children had fun in it.  

    In maths, we concentrated on area, perimeter and volume and in English we continued studying our class book and writing outputs relating to our main character and how he felt when he witnessed the first landing on the moon.

    In RE, we investigated who we think was to blame for Jesus's death and in PE we continued with our Boccia and dance.  

    We started celebrating Science Week and spent time discussing what it would be like if penguins could fly and which was the odd one out from three images.  On Friday, we also took part in a nationwide ZOOM meeting about the Moon and Mars.

    I usually give out slips for the Y6 homework on a Friday and appreciate there is quite a lot to do.  The weather was a little disruptive the latter part of this weekend and I appreciate some children may not know what pages to complete.  Please see a copy of the slip for their convenience.  We will mark this last week's homework when we mark the homework from the slip next Friday.

    Homework (Booster Books) Week 8 (w/c 06.03.23)

    Here’s this week’s Y6 homework – you are doing well. Keep it up.  Remember the only person this homework benefits is YOU!


    Page Number




    Long Division with No Remainders and Long Division with Remainders



    Tables, Charts and Graphs



    Multiplying and Dividing



    Sentences and Paragraphs



    Words ending in ‘ance’… and Words ending in ‘ous’




    Have a look at https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/primary – it’s a great revision website. Click on KS2, the year group and subject you want to revise.

    Have a super weekend.

    Mr Wilmot and Miss Shaw


    Weekly Update W/B 27.02.23


    We've had a good week.  We started our new class book and the children spent some time predicting and revising elements of grammar.  In maths, we progressed our decimal knowledge and in RE we looked at the lead up to the Holy Week and events that happened after.

    In PE our focus this term is alternative sports like Boccia, bowling and archery.  We are  learning to dance and revising a routine with our sports coach.

    In IT, we looked at writing a script with the eventual target of making a small film.

    On Friday, we celebrated World Book Day - it was a fun and different day where we could go off our normal routine a little and spend time enjoying reading.  We shared books, read with partners/parents and we learnt about the value of reading and where it can take you.  It was super to see so many parents; thank you for coming in.

    Have a relaxing weekend.

    Mr Wilmot and Miss Shaw


    Weekly Update W/B 12.02.23


    Thank you for attending Parent's Evening this week.  It is always great to share your child's progress and for you to have a chance to look through their books.  

    We've had a busy week.  In maths, we looked at adding and subtracting decimals - we will continue with this in the early part of the first week back.  In English, we have been studying sentence constructions.

    We played Dodgeball and practiced tactics then the majority of the class completed their gymnastic routines on Friday.  Well done to the children who went to Greenfields Primary to play in the Football Competition - you played well and represented the school impeccably.

    It is time to down tools for a week and recharge/refresh.  We return on Monday 27th February for a short half term then it'll soon be Summer! 

    Have a super week.


    Mr Wilmot and Mrs Shaw 


    Weekly Update W/B 06.02.23


    We have just completed assessment week.  I appreciate it is a tiring week for the children but it is invaluable, particularly with parent's evening approaching.  The information I attain from the tests gives me a really good idea as to where your child is currently and it enables me to predict with a higher degree of accuracy where they will be at year end.

    In between the tests I have made sure we factor in time for fun activities and the two weekly PE lessons.  We have learnt more about the Shang Dynasty and created art work to replicate artifacts and carried out a little research to ascertain what the item was used for, what it was made from and, more importantly, how it was made.

    There will be a Book Fair on the evenings of Parent's Evenings next week where you or your child will have the opportunity to purchase a book.

    When you come to Parent's Evening please factor in a little time to look at your child's books - they have worked so hard and I am sure there will be some work they would like you to focus on - the recent work on Aviatrice (a story about a French Aviator) springs to mind.

    Have a super weekend.


    Mr Wilmot and Miss Shaw


    Weekly Update W/B 30.01.23

    The highlight of our week was the Talent Show - it was fantastic.  Thank you to all who took part and parents for providing a fantastic audience.  Well done to all.   It was a super way to end a day of fun... we took part in the NSPCC Number Day - a morning of maths activities and challenges.

    In English, the children have written their own myths - the outputs were epic!  The children paid particular attention to the many grammatical features we have studied in the last six months.

    In maths, we started looking at multiplying fractions; we will progress this unit next week.

    In RE, we learnt more about Hindu Gods and in science we carried out a reversible experiment where we looked at changes of state.

    Benchball is progressing well - we have looked at throwing accurately, catching the opponents ball, dodging when under fire - next week we will combine all of these skills. 

    I have set quite a bit of homework for the Y6s - they have a fortnight to complete it... we will mark it on the last day of this half term.

    Have a super weekend.


    Mr Wilmot and Miss Shaw

    Weekly Update W/B 23.01.23


    We are currently enjoying lighter starts to the day and longer evenings as well as more sun!

    We learnt about position in maths, concentrating on reflection, translation and reading coordinates.  This continues a little next week then we move onto a week's worth of fractions.

    In English, we learnt more about the end of our class book and we started to reflect on where our Myth was going in terms of a setting and the characters involved.

    We completed our science insulation project where the children designed a new lunch box.  In history, we learnt more about the customs of the Shang Dynasty; the children researched different areas then presented the information to their peers in class.

    In PSHE, the children learnt how to write a CV and the importance of selling their skills and competences to a prospective employer and in French the children learnt the names for items of clothers.

    All in all a very busy week!

    Have a super weekend.

    Mr Wilmot and Miss Shaw



    Weekly Update W/B 16.01.23

    We are now almost half way through this half term; the time is going very fast.

    We learnt about BODMAS in maths and prime, square and cubed numbers.  In English we continued our study of our class book and we linked the actions of our hero to the qualities of some of the Avenger heroes.  We have been concentrating on passive sentence constructions, using semicolons to link ideas within sentences and using similes.  The children have demonstrated their knowledge of the various sentence and grammatical features very well.

    In PE we continued with our dodgeball and gymnastics and we learnt more about the Chang Dynasty in History.

    We discussed keeping safe online and the children understand that they should keep personal information to themselves. They also know what to do if they find something inappropriate online. 

    Have a great weekend.


    Mr Wilmot and Miss Shaw

    Weekly Update W/B 09.01.23


    We've had a busy week.  We have progressed our termly units; in Science, we looked at thermal insulators - the children designed a lunchbox following a discussion about what qualities it needed to have.

    In maths, we continued with negative numbers then moved onto adding and subtracting using the formal column method.  We then looked at inverse operations and their importance when checking our answers. 

    We continued our study of 'Arthur and the Golden Rope' - he is now well on the way towards his quest and adventure.  The children are enjoying the book and associated activities.

    We continue to enjoy our gymnastics and dodgeball sessions in PE.

    Well done to the Y6 children - we marked all their homework and more has been set for this coming week.  Y5 have homework too just not as much.

    Have a super weekend; apparently snow could be on the way next week!


    Mr Wilmot and Miss Shaw 


    Weekly Update W/B 02.01.23

    Happy New to all!  It was great to see the class after an eventful and relaxing Christmas.

    We started our new termly topic in science (changing materials) and we will start our history unit next week (The Shang Dynasty).  In maths, we revised how to round and we started looking at negative numbers.  We also started our Literacy topic which is based around myths.  A busy and productive first few days back.  

    PE will be on a Tuesday and Friday as per last term.

    The Year 6 children will come home with SAT Buster books - these act as super revision.  The books are expensive and replacements can not be provided so please ensure your child look after them and bring them into school on a Friday for marking.  I set quite a few pages as that is the only way to cover all subjects within the book.  I set new homework on a Friday and mark it the following Friday.  Children in the past have really enjoyed completing them and they have really helped them when revising for SATs.  Although there seems a lot the pages do not take long to complete.  Year 5 homework will follow the same pattern as last term  .

    Have a super weekend.

    Mr Wilmot and Miss Shaw

     Weekly Update W/B 12.12.22

    The last update of the year.  May I take this opportunity to wish you and your family a restful and fun-filled Christmas break.  

    The highlight of the week had to be the Pantomime and the Party - it was fun and an important part of the build-up to Christmas.  The children performed so well in the Christmas Production earlier in the week and the Carol Service on Thursday. 

    We completed our algebra unit in maths and started on measurement - we also managed to squeeze in a Science session on  Refraction. 

    Many thanks again for your continued support.  I look forward to seeing you all in the New Year but for now it is a time to down tools and spend time with family and friends - no homework has been set other than the current spellings and a little reading every other night.  

    Please see the overview for a quick look at what we will be covering next term.

    Mr Wilmot and Miss Shaw

    Weekly Update W/B 05.12.22

    Christmas is really gearing up.  The highlight of the week was our Christmas Performance in the Hall on Thursday night.  The children did so well; they wrote the content and performed it admirably.  We had a 'flying' visit from Santa on Wednesday; it was quite a spectacle.

    It was the fair on Friday night, our thanks go to the PTFA for another fun and well-run event.  I imagine a good amount of money was raised; it is also an important social event and one of the events many look forward to.

    In maths, we completed our percentage unit and we moved onto algebra.  In English, we completed our unit relating to our class book and in science we learnt more about reflection.  We finished the week with a spot of archery!

    Have a fantastic weekend.  


    Mr Wilmot and Miss Shaw

    Weekly Update W/B 28.11.22


    It's been a busy week.  We completed a few assessments (reading, maths, writing, grammar and punctuation with spellings).  I am really pleased with the results and the progress the children are making.


    We had our Christmas Performance Dress Rehearsal in the Village Hall on Thursday and that went well.  The children are looking forward to presenting it to you next week.  

    Christmas is really gearing up, we have a super tree in the Hall now and it has been decorated by the fantastic entries the children made and sent in.  I was really impressed with the amount of decorations we had and the tremendous effort the children put into their entries.  


    On Friday, we completed the week with a great goal/shoot game of Netball - it was tense in the finals.  


    It is getting quite cold now so please ensure your child comes into school with a warm coat.


    Have a super weekend.


    Mr Wilmot and Miss Shaw




    Weekly Update W/B 21.11.22

    We all enjoyed our trip to the RAF Museum at RAF Cosford.  The workshops were interactive and fun and the exhibits were so impressive.  It is the type of place that anyone can enjoy and marvel at the engineering or scale of the planes.

    We continued with fractions in maths and we moved onto percentages - more on percentages next week.  In Literacy, we continued with our class book and associated activities.  The children have been writing in the style of the witch and we have all enjoyed the sinister turn it is taking. 

    We have completed our research for the Christmas Production and look forward to presenting it to you in the next couple of weeks.  We will finalise our Carol Concert content next week too so we are ready for the last Thursday of term where we will share carols and the Christmas story.

    Have a super weekend.


    Mr Wilmot and Miss Shaw

    Weekly Update W/B 14.11.22


    Another week has flown past.  It's been busy and we have all worked hard.


    We looked at fractions (changing improper fractions to mixed numbers and vice versa and the adding of fractions).  We will look at subtracting fractions before moving on next week.


    In Literacy, we continued our 'Lost Happy Endings' study where we concentrated on noun phrases and the use of similes.  The work the children are producing is first class and they seem engaged with the story - it is becoming slightly more sinister and a play on the usual format of a traditional tale.

    We spent some time talking about being a good friend and what makes us unique as part of anti-bullying week and the NSPCC delivered a really good workshop about what children can do if they feel upset or distressed.


    We go to the RAF Museum on Monday; a visit that I have really been looking forward to.  The children will need to be in school uniform, they will need a coat and a packed lunch.  We will set off during the school day and be back before 3:15pm.


    Have a super weekend.


    Mr Wilmot and Miss Shaw


    Weekly Update W/B 07.11.22

    We've had a busy but enjoyable week.

    In Literacy, we completed a poetry unit which ended with Remembrance poems.  We learnt about new poetic formats - the children now have an arsenal of different poetry formats they can use.

    In maths, we continued our geometry study looking at 2D shapes and their properties together with angles and drawing accurately.

    We continued our geography study of mountains - this time looking at the mountains in the UK.  We also looked at contours and relief maps.

    We learnt some passing skills in hockey and in netball the children played mini games.  Please remind your child to remove their earrings prior to PE lessons.

    It is starting to get colder, please ensure your child has their coat in school for breaks and lunchtimes.

    Have a super weekend.

    Mr Wilmot and Miss Shaw


    Weekly Update W/B 31.10.22

    Welcome to our Class 4 Friday blog.  

    We started the week with an introduction to our Geography topic (Mountains).  In RE, we learnt about the differences in religion from 2001 to 2011 in England and Wales.  Maths consisted of more angle work - either using a protractor or calculating angles and in English we started our new book and associated work.  The book is a take on a traditional tale with an unusual ending.

    Swimming ended this Friday; the children did really well and we started our Netball sessions.

    It's the disco this evening and I hope everyone has lots of fun.

    Have a super weekend.

    Mr Wilmot and Miss Shaw